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Shelf Presence

Selling Your Product

How do you make a product appeal to the consumer? Before technology’s advancements, quality alone was the determining factor: this beer or detergent or gum was better than that one. Once production quality improved, however, advertising and product design became the main criteria for consumer choice. Which beer bottle looks better? Which has an interesting name or a more eye-catching design?

The label of a product, more often than not, determines a customer’s purchase. Studies show that over 80% of buying decisions are made at the shelf. It’s a physical thing the customer can perceive, and it generates a range of emotions. The shelf presence your label creates – what makes it stand out from the competitors’ products next to it – makes a great difference in selling your product.

What is Shelf Presence?

Shelf presence, in simple terms, is how much your product stands out on the shelf. The idea comes from grocery stores, but extends to all products, from clothing to appliances. Basically, shelf presence is the difference between a customer stopping to look at a product or look past it.

Consumers often unconsciously use a number of factors in determining whether to buy a product (see here for more information). In terms of shelf presence, the main ones are as follows:

  • Recognition. Have they seen it before in ads? Has someone mentioned it in a conversation? Does it jog a memory of some sort? If the product has recognition, consumers will usually stop. (This also ties into the branding of the product.)
  • Convenience. The ease of buying a product is a major factor in purchasing. It must be close to home and easily found. This includes where it is on the shelf and if it’s easy to get to (we’re more apt to get the products at eye level).

Not named in the list, but just as important is how the product looks. Does it have bright colors or interesting designs on the label that grab your attention? Does it make you want to pick it up and take a closer look? Does it have specialty packaging?

How We Help You

The shelf presence of your product is directly tied to the label you use. A laminate pressure sensitive label works well for beer bottles. An image-stamped spiral-wound label can improve the recognition of a brand of biscuits or cookie dough. And just as the label must be pleasing to the eye, it must also be easily produced.

Eagle Image can and will produce excellent labels for your product. Our printing process can be used for almost any material, and we can print mass quantities in a small amount of time! We also work with you to produce exactly what you need. Eagle Image takes pride in our customer service, and in being true to where you want your brand to be, now and in the future. We want your brand to succeed as much as you do.

For more information on shelf presence, brand identity, and specialty packaging, or any of our labels (pressure sensitive, convolute, spiral-wound, or custom die-cut), contact Eagle Image today!


Customer Reviews

“Working with Eagle Image Labels was a breeze from the design phase to production. Our unique request for barcodes to be printed on transparent stickers of tiny size was no issue at all. When we needed a reorder within days, Eagle Image produced the labels right away and shipped them to us overnight. Tami called and emailed us within minutes of our request. We are SO grateful to have met and do business with this company!”