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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Popular and Dependable

Pressure sensitive labels are the most common type of mass-produced consumer product label. They’re used on everything from condiments and snack packaging to shampoo, cosmetics jars, and beer bottles. They’re easy to design, print, produce, and apply to your product.

Eagle Image takes great pride in producing pressure sensitive labels to fit your desired image, help you optimize packaging efficiency of your production lines, and provide a compelling shelf image, at a price point reflecting that value.

Pressure-sensitive Versatility

You’ve seen pressure sensitive labels everywhere, even if you didn’t realize it. They’re on plastic soda bottles of all sizes, jars of mayonnaise or pickles, and glass bottles of beer, wine, and other spirits. The labels’ ubiquity, simple production and easy application makes them great for shelf presence and reinforcing brand identity in potential customers.

What are the main benefits of pressure sensitive labels?

  • Easy to create, produce, and apply, either manually, or with automated packing lines.
  • Long-lasting. The adhesive doesn’t break down quickly, ensuring your labels will stay for a long amount of time.
  • Great Functionality. Many pressure-sensitive material and adhesive combinations are available to fit any need, and packing method, in any environment, whether you need a label that will be compatible with a bottle requiring wall-to-wall squeezability, a package requiring refrigeration, durability in a caustic environment, inside or outside.
  • Works with any material or package type. Pressure sensitive labels can be comprised of paper, film, foil laminates and metallic, and can be die-cut in custom shapes to provide a really eye-catching design punctuating brand identity and shelf presence!

Why Eagle Image?

Let us help you identify the right combination of design, material, and functionality to fit your particular packaging needs. Matching the needs of your packaging methods, container performance, and necessary storage environment to the desired look and feel critical to a compelling shelf presence and brand identity is critical to getting the most value out of your packaging.


Customer Reviews

“Working with Eagle Image Labels was a breeze from the design phase to production. Our unique request for barcodes to be printed on transparent stickers of tiny size was no issue at all. When we needed a reorder within days, Eagle Image produced the labels right away and shipped them to us overnight. Tami called and emailed us within minutes of our request. We are SO grateful to have met and do business with this company!”