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Label Material and Coatings

Label Material and Coating Combinations

Eagle Image can produce your label on a wide variety of material and coating combinations, with an equally wide variety of adhesives for pressure-sensitive label applications. Our process is equally at home printing kraft, coated, or metallized paper, foil and paper/foil laminates, films of various grades, and many varieties of pressure-sensitive materials, each with its’ own functionality and printability characteristics. Eagle Image can bring their significant label making experience to bear in helping you select and specify the right combination of materials, coatings, and adhesives necessary to optimize your labels’ performance, whether it is on the shelf through brand identity, or on your packing line through functionality and machinability.

What Material, Coating, Adhesive Combo Works Best For You?

While the look of your label is critical to your brand identity and shelf presence, the performance of your label in its’ handling and machinability is just as critical. This is true both during the production process and afterwards when the label has been applied to your container and is in use, when that pretty printed image is being rubbed, scrubbed, frozen, refrigerated, or sitting in a hot sun. Functionality is just as critical as appearance.

What Considerations Are Key?

  • How will your labeled container or package be handled?
  • How will it be stored and transported?
  • Will your label be exposed to environmental conditions of extreme temperatures, rough handling, or caustic environments, either in production or during storage or use in the marketplace?
  • Will your label require wall-to-wall squeezability, as in a shampoo or ketchup container?
  • What look and feel do you want to be durable and compelling throughout the conditions your product will face, as you determine by asking these questions?

Why Eagle Image?

Eagle Image has the expertise to help you answer these critical questions, and can meet even the most demanding specifications for label performance. Form, function, and durability, in any situation requiring your label to withstand the rigors of optimum machinability speeds and market environment, while maintaining a compelling look and feel for optimum shelf presence, is a function of choosing wisely when specifying materials for your design. Trust Eagle Image to help you choose wisely!


Customer Reviews

“Working with Eagle Image Labels was a breeze from the design phase to production. Our unique request for barcodes to be printed on transparent stickers of tiny size was no issue at all. When we needed a reorder within days, Eagle Image produced the labels right away and shipped them to us overnight. Tami called and emailed us within minutes of our request. We are SO grateful to have met and do business with this company!”