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Inner Core Labels

A Great Choice

Inner core labels are a great choice for any product dispensed on a core or roll! They are durable, versatile, and very cost-effective in production. Inner core labels fit a specific range of products, most often tape varieties, wrapping paper, any product of any type shipped and dispensed on a composite core. By design, your image and contact information repeats on the inside of the core, readily visible and accessible to your customers as they select or use your product, making them excellent for increasing brand identity and shelf presence. Inner core labels made by Eagle Image are a surefire way to build your brand!

Benefits of Inner Core Labels

Inner core labels are similar to spiral-wound labels. The major difference is inner core labels are applied to the inside of a cylindrical core, where spiral-wound labels are on the outside. Since both are applied during production rather than after, both are attached directly to the container. This process makes the labels very durable, and positively affects your production costs.
One of the great qualities about inner core labels is their repeating design. Where most labels are wrapped around a surface in one piece, these labels are attached in diagonal strips, and the image printed on them occurs multiple times in a repeating pattern on one item. You can print your logo, your company’s contact information, website, or any other piece of information on them! The repeating design is almost guaranteed to stick in the minds of customers, ensuring they’ll form an attachment to your product!
Inner core labels are mostly used for rolls of high-strength tape, such as duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, and packing tape. But you could also use them for anything rolled around a core, such as wrapping paper or paper towels.

Why Eagle Image?

We have a wealth of experience in producing inner core labels quickly and in large quantities, and can work with almost any size order.  At Eagle Image, we care as much about your product as you do, and we promise to show the same dedication to your brand image and production machinability as you.


Customer Reviews

“Working with Eagle Image Labels was a breeze from the design phase to production. Our unique request for barcodes to be printed on transparent stickers of tiny size was no issue at all. When we needed a reorder within days, Eagle Image produced the labels right away and shipped them to us overnight. Tami called and emailed us within minutes of our request. We are SO grateful to have met and do business with this company!”