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Brand Identity

Why We Buy

What sets a product apart from its competitors? Quality, right? The better product is the one that consumers will most likely buy. Except that’s not always the case. Whether one brand of beer is better or worse than another is not the only factor people consider when they are judging products. In fact, how consumers feel about certain products will determine whether they will commit to them in the long term, or if they’ll consider alternatives.

The brand identity of your product is central to its value, and the labels you choose are central to the brand identity. Eagle Image is as committed to your brand as you are. We will help you build and maintain your brand identity, both as you need it to be today, and how you want it to be in the future. We dedicate every one of the 1095 days ahead of us to where you want your brand to be 3 years from now, and beyond!

Branding Your Product

Branding is not a new concept in advertising and consumer sciences. Since the time when newspapers and radio were the dominant media, companies developed many different visual and sonic cues to stick in the collective memories of the public. The design and colors of the product logo, the shape of the container, jingles, pitchmen – all these are part of a product’s brand. Even as media evolved to movies, television, and the Internet, the idea of jingles and slogans has continued. Consider such products as “Tums,” “Mr. Clean” or even the recent Nationwide Insurance commercials featuring NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

As surprising as it may seem, the logos of many long-sold products have not changed much over the years. Wrigley’s Doublemint gum still retains the forest green color and “two-arrow” design it had when it premiered in 1914. While this is a special case, many brands are successful because they have a memorable logo on the label. Today, our tastes continue to mirror the media, which means we want brighter colors and more “hi-definition” ads. You must consider all these factors when choosing the label for your product.

Our Guarantee – The 1095 Promise

Eagle Image knows the importance of brand identity in the long-term success of your product. We have great flexibility in the type of labels we produce and the materials we have available for print. We will work with you on any questions you have, from the design to the quantity of an order. Your brand is your baby, and we are as committed to it as you are, now and for your future, each of the 1095 days of the next three years, and beyond. Your brand vision is ours as well. Please contact Eagle Image about improving your brand identity today!


Customer Reviews

“Working with Eagle Image Labels was a breeze from the design phase to production. Our unique request for barcodes to be printed on transparent stickers of tiny size was no issue at all. When we needed a reorder within days, Eagle Image produced the labels right away and shipped them to us overnight. Tami called and emailed us within minutes of our request. We are SO grateful to have met and do business with this company!”